About Me

Fae Lioness VA Services and me (Kiri) as a person are completely intertwined - there is no separating me from my work!

Kiri (noun)

Pixie princess, faery lioness, and paperwork enchantress. Oh! And please use they/she pronouns for me....
Oh was...that not quite the introduction you were expecting? 

My legal name is Beth Gillham, and I'm a Virtual Assistant specialising in
➥Discord server creation and management
➥Minute taking & meeting administration

I'm a bit of an odd one (in more ways than one), but admin and providing support to people the rest of the world thinks shouldn't succeed are my real loves in the world of business.I love discovering new techniques or technologies to help me be even more creative and productive with my time, and what I love even more is bringing that magical pixie dust of knowledge and expertise to people who need that extra bit of support to make their own dreams come true.

My ethos:
I believe that no-one should struggle with the overload of running a business, regardless of what that business is, because of their identity or health issues

I identify as:
►Disabled/chronically ill
►Fighting mental health issues
►A mum
►A goth
►A kinkster

My favourite things: 
Band: Queen or Good Charlotte 
Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas 
Song: Movin' On (Good Charlotte) 
Food: Pasta or garlic bread 
Drink: Vanilla Coke Zero 
Place: Karnak Temple, Egypt

My favourite quote:
"​Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages."
Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams

Fae Lioness (noun)

T​he name 'Fae Lioness' stems from my fascination with magic, mythology...and all things lion related. The idea of it as a business name was originally born in 2016 as a handmade jewellery venture, and whilst this was a work of love, it didn't work out as I imagined, and soon gave way to a conventional job as an administrative assistant.
Dubbed "the Lioness" by my friends for my apparently protective nature and lion obsession, I decided that this was a fantastic opportunity to build a unique brand and provide exceptional service in an area that has always felt like it's a little bit magical.

Fae Lioness works with anyone (assuming our values align), but I specifically love working with people who are​:
➥ Disabled / Chronically Ill
➥ Dealing with mental health issues
➥ Kinksters
➥ Sex work​ers
➥ From any alternative lifestyle

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